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About Affordable Tractor Sales Co,Bellville,Texas

Affordable Tractor Sales was started in January of 2002, by Thomas Laskowski, and Mack Nabors. Looking for a compact tractor to fit our own needs. Researching the different tractor brands basically the "Big Three" we found there seemed to be all basically the same high prices. We then started to research all Manufacturers, and found that nearly all of these tractors were from overseas. We then found the Jinma brand that we now carry.

The Chinese plant in which these tractors are manufactured has been building tractors for forty years. The Jinma brand of tractor is sold under several other brand names, this is the case for almost all brands of tractors. Jinma is marketed in the U. S. under other names such as Agracat, Farm Boss, Emery Built, Iron Horse, Nortrac, Farm Pro, as well as others. We chose to keep the original brand name of Jinma. Some "dealers" sell these as crated tractors, please keep in mind you may save a little money but you could have up to 3-month wait on missing parts, We have those customers coming to us wanting those missing parts,well we have them but you have to pay us for them. That is part of the additional money spent in the beginning. Also crate sales are paid for at least 2-months ahead of time, UPFRONT and remember they only ordered tractors. No missing pieces? this is good for our buisness but not so good for the consumer that thought they got a deal, equipment rental to unload tractor?, delivery charges? crate disposal?, damaged paint?, Yes all the above does apply to crated tractors. So when you total all of the above did you save money????????Answer NO.
If you purchase one of our tractors we make sure that if you need something we will take it off another tractor to get you going if we don't have it in stock. We are one of the largest parts dist. for Jinma in the USA . Our dealership is located in Bellville Texas, and Thomas and I believe that the JM-284 is the best tractor available for the money. We stock 20HP, 25HP ,35 HP 4 wheel drive tractor, all EPA Approved with front end loaders, backhoe attachments, and a full line of AG-Meier implements, which includes box blades, shredders, Hay forks, finish mowers, hay rings, and fence panels.
Our main goal is to be able to provide you with an affordable tractor that is well built at a decent price. Parts are available from us,we have a very large supply of Jinma parts ready for next day shipment We also have cross references for filters, belts and hoses.
Checkout our specials and package prices we are sure you will agree that the cost savings are worth taking a good look at.
Thanks for considering Affordable Tractor Sales for your tractor needs


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